Art Work of the Week: Jilted Bride

Superb cast glass work

By Kate Hartmann

Judith with “Big Daddy”

Tutere Gallery currently has a selection of cast glass work by Paraparaumu artist Judith Le Harivel.

The image below shows pieces from the ‘Jilted Bride’ series.  These pieces are very beautiful particularly when situated with the light behind them, but they also have a rather tragic source of inspiration.

As Judith explains: “I was back in the UK and saw a newspaper article about a young Chinese woman who had tried to throw herself out of a window on her wedding day, after finding out the groom was already married.

There was a striking picture of the young woman caught as she tried to jump.

I couldn’t get the picture out of my mind and was trying to understand why a young woman would feel compelled to do this in a country where young men outnumber women. This led to a series of works in ceramic, mixed media and glass: “jilted bride”, “fragments of a romance and “broken dreams”. 

Cast glass pieces are very labour intensive and tricky to execute.  There are a number of processes involved and the bigger pieces can be in the kiln for weeks as the glass needs to be cooled slowly.  These particular pieces were all completed using the lost wax casting process which basically means a lot of work!


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