Art Work of the Week: Greg Chaston

The latest from Tutere Gallery

By Kate Hartmann

Artist Greg Chaston

The art work I have chosen to profile this week is Looking for Keith by Greg Chaston.

Greg Chaston has been painting for many years and lives in Waikanae Beach with his partner and fellow artist, Helen Forrest.

He is the current President of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington and his work has been selected and shown at numerous galleries around the country.

Most recently he was awarded recognition at the Peters Doig Contemporary Art Awards in Marlborough.

“Looking for Keith”

In Greg’s own words a statement about this piece:

It’s not my intention to do something that’s deliberately difficult.  The major challenge for me is to explore a new language with which to express myself, not just to simplify technique through brush strokes which on the surface seem simple.

The new work “Looking for Keith” references the artist Keith Haring and investigates his method of depicting language or narrative.  If it looks like a maze or a forest, then it is.  The images don’t really constitute a new language, as the underlying grammar of ‘x’ and ‘+’ brushstrokes remain.  They’re more like distinct programming language, built on earlier languages, but made more powerful and intricate.  As well as being the culmination of earlier experiments, the new piece references its origins, with the works arranged to form a diptych that has a beginning and an end and is sight arranged from the simplest to the most complex.

“Looking for Keith”

Greg Chaston

Diptych, each canvas is 1000 mm x 1500 mm

Acrylic on Canvas



Available now at Tutere Gallery + Creative Space 48 Tutere St, Waikanae Beach.