Art Work of the Week

The wonderful Helen McIntosh

By Pam Kessler

callig-2455We are fortunate to have many characters amongst our lively Kapiti Calligraphers group of members and Helen McIntosh is a classic example.

She is out-going, gregarious, loving, kind, and generous and is frequently seen with red, blue, or green coloured hair – an effect, I’ve observed, that is not necessarily done to match her outfit!

The most endearing feature of all, however, must be her quick and ready wit.

How we love her for all the times she has made the perfect comment to lighten the moment!

Inspiration from England and New Zealand

Helen was born and brought up in the North East of England and John Masefield’s poem Cargoes was the stimulation for Helen’s piece for our Sea Fever exhibition.

The Yorkshire Moors, her love of Wuthering Heights and the style of Colin McCahon were all inspirational for her piece shown below,  I Am.