Apple Surprise

Apple Surprise for Locals at Paraparaumu Beach

By Graeme Trask
20th September 2009
John Drew
John Drew preparing holes for planting

One of the first of a series of ‘People’s Orchards’ has just been planted on the village green at Olive Terrace, Paraparaumu Beach.
The public orchards are the brainchild of KCDC Councillor Peter Daniel — and the Council is now encouraging the planting of fruit trees in schools and public areas.
The impetus for the Olive Terrace plantings came from local resident John Drew.
He says the area looked bare and so he consulted the KCDC’s landscape adviser, Sara Bell,and  they decided on a to plan for three apple and two walnut trees.
Mr Drew says he has tried to consult most residents directly fronting the mini orchard.
Some were upset, he says, and that was because of a perceived lack of consultation.
And one other resident was unhappy at the thought of any more fruit trees being planted.
The rest of the locals were enthusiastic, he says, and several turned up to help with the planting.
The mini orchard comprises three ‘Monty’s Surprise’ apple trees — an ancient and very hardy variety sourced from the upper reaches of the Whanganui River.
“It’s an incredibly healthy apple, very high in anti-oxidants,” he says.
The other two trees are English walnuts.

Mr Drew says some of the apple trees will ‘flower this year’ and will later grow to about three metres in height.

The walnuts will take longer to fruit, but will grow up to five metres over the next 30 years.

Annette Wilson
Annette Wilson of Paraparaumu Beach
Jousha & Issac
Joshua backfilling with Isaac keeping a close watch.

And, in a nice touch, one of the apple trees has been named after a long time resident of Olive Terrace,

Annette Wison with the name “GrannieAnnie”, four other trees are named after local children, Joshua,

Isaac,Andre, and Sarah.