Anti-Vaxxers Boo Dr Michael Baker At Rowdy Public Meeting In Kāpiti

One of New Zealand best known faces in the anti-covid fight, Dr Michael Baker, was booed and called a liar in Paraparaumu last night.

The anti-vax contingent among the 250 people attending the charity talk at the Southward museum was not large- perhaps 20 people and were not necessarily all together.  

But Dr Baker told KIN he had never been booed at a public meeting before.

The booing started from the beginning when Kāpiti’s Mayor K Gurunathan introduced the speaker with reference to the covid measures from last year.

Dr Baker’s turn came when he referred to Donald Trump explaining how the New York Times rang him last year when Trump contracted the covid.  At this point he was accused of politising the issue.

Heckler admonished

The meeting chair asked the heckler to wait for question time.

When Baker talked about New Zealand’s elimination strategy someone called him Mr Bullshit.   This was followed by widespread clapping when someone asked the heckler to be quiet.

Attentive listeners — the large majority at the meeting

The Otago University epidemiologist had outlined the sequences last year which led to the complete lockdown in New Zealand and the steps taken since then.

In a second reference to the United states he used the figures which showed life expectancy has dropped in the USA since Covid, an unheard event in a modern first world country Minorities have been worst hit.

Baker asked if any koha given after the meeting could go to Fiji, the worst affected country in the world where Covid control was impeded by the Fiji government.

Life will be harder for humans

He also said that after covid climate change would be much harder on human life.

In question time, he was asked about the use of masks with the questioner saying an organisation called the Association of Scientists had said masks were no use at all. This question was greeted with some scattered clapping.

Someone wanted to know if mandatory vaccination was being considered. Baker said he did not advocate that. A reference to QR coding was also booed.

At the end, the question part of the meeting ended early after loud booing and injecting.

The booing and interjecting angered great majority of the audience, who were clearly there to hear the epidemiologist and to support a local charity the Kapiti, Housing Trust.

The video at the link below was made by one of the people in the crowd who spoke out. I hope those reading the comments here will take the time to sit down and watch it. If you do, you might then have a better idea why those people in the audience felt impelled to speak out.

And who knows? Watching the entire video might even leave you questioning ‘Who exactly is it here that’s spreading misinformation? Michael Baker, or those “nutters” in the audience?

Full video:

4 minute ‘trailer’ for the above video:

The best part is all the Michael Baker zombies have been lethal injected already. They’ll all expire soon enough.

michael baker is paid by the bill and melinda gates foundation, the number of deaths are mounting and I just had an interesting checkup at the local hospital – doctors said only 1 in 7 Mio will die but also, covid is less deadly than the common flu, but politicians are no so deep in their web of lies that they can not back down – it is a political and not a health issue!

These people are so thick they can’t tell the difference between an anti vaxxer and a Covid trial experimental damaging injection of poison questioner.

34,052 deaths in the UK, EU & the USA reported to their respective Adverse Effects Agencies in relation to the vaccines. Every day another 148 die in those 3 regions alone. They have every right to question, be skeptical and be informed.

How many people do you expect to die each day in those regions regardless of whether or not they’ve just had a vaccine?
If someone gets the vaccine, then steps in front of a bus, do you uncritically assume it’s the vaccine’s fault? It’ll still go on the register and be investigated, just in case. The tiny number of blood clots that were found to actually be connected to a vaccine (rather than just associated with) caused an immediate halt to the use of that vaccine (which was not the kind we are using here) until the level of risk (and the groups at risk) was established. The fact that anything and everything is being reported and investigated gives me more trust in the vaccines than the trials alone did.
If you give millions of people a commemorative tea towel, some of them will die soon after, but it won’t be the tea towel’s fault.

I was struck by the double standards displayed by some of the interjectors – they seemed to be willing to demand an impossibly high standard of proof for the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, while being quite ready to uncritically swallow copious amounts of Ivermectin worm treatment.

Hello – i left a comment earlier but it has not been posted up?
That seems to be a rather long delay…. can the ‘moderator’ please get in touch with me and let me know if it has been censored?
If that IS the case for some reason i would like an explanatuon with the criteria used to mske such a decision.

We may not get to know, being as the truth gets suppressed, but this could have been the biggest ‘spreader event’ in New Zealand.
What with maybe 50 people sheading whatever crap is in the ‘vaccine’ and the amount of people dangerously low in vitamin D3 and Glutathione , there could be a few vacancies in Kapiti retirement homes?
Lets see what the next 3 weeks bring I guess.
Happy to be wrong

I would suggest that because ANY form of debate or discussion has been summarily shut down and made impossible by the corporation calling themselves our government, that the ONLY remedy or forum available to have any form of dialogue is at presentation like this.
If the ‘single source of truth’ would enter into discussions with people that have an alternative view, as is required given that this is supposedly a democracy and that they are ELECTED TO SERVE US, then this would have not happened.

Michael Baker is nothing but a self-interested, lying fraudster. He is majorly responsible for the mess NZ is in. In my opinion, he deserves a very long stint in jail.

insane and very disturbing to witness…for the reasonable periods when he was not interjected….I have to say it was the best lecture I have listened to in years and years…what a gentleman …loved the whole direction of where they are going under his academic leadership

Yes, it was a wonderful meeting, but very unfortunate that it was marred by the presence of that noisy minority of conspiracy theorists. I am so sorry that some of them booed Dr Michael Baker. Shows how ignorant they are. I do hope their very bad behaviour will not reflect too badly on the Kapiti Coast.


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