Ant Extermination Experiment

Argentinian ants attacking a native New Zealand ant

Anti-Ant Trial begins soon in Raumati South

There will be a trial ant extermination programme during this coming weekend, 7 and 8 April, in Dell Road, Raumati South, on the Kapiti Coast.

This has just been announced by Trevor Daniell, Chair of Raumati Resident’s Association.

He says: “It’s our last chance of hitting them before the cooler weather puts the ants into hibernation.”

The Raumati South area has been plagued by infestations of predatory Argentinian ants, which have caused widespread community concern.

 Major infestations

Mr Daniell said last month there’d been numerous reports of major infestations of the Argentinian ants — one of the most invasive ants in the world.

Ants infested houses, overtaking gardens and in one case they were found in a dishwasher.

The ants travel in columns, 4-5 ants wide. They  scatter quickly when disturbed, but can run up humans’ arms and legs very aggressively.

Latest action by Raumati Association

Trevor Daniell, well-known Raumati community leader

Mr Daniell has stated today: “One of our Committee members has door-knocked the whole street and got nearly everyone on board to take part in this trial.

“Most of the participants will be using a low cost, home-prepared borax bait.

“Four people have decided to buy commercial treatment. It will be interesting comparing how both systems work.”

Major programme for Spring as well

He says this trial will be used to provide evidence for the Associatibeforeroe a much larger baiting programme, which will get underway in the Spring.

He adds: “We hope to get most Raumati South locals involved and really hit the ant problem on the head”.

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