Answers For The Elderly?

Older People Want Answers From The Politicians

Residents of Kapiti Retirement Villages will join with organisations that advocate for the District’s elderly population in an ELECTION FORUM at Meadows Church Auditorium on Monday, 1st September, 2.00 pm.

Elderly carersFour political parties will send candidates

Nathan Guy (National),

Kris Faafoi and Rob McCann (Labour)

Jan Logie (Greens)

Darroch Ball (NZ First).

Some of the issues likely to test the candidates are:

Elderly in NZParity of wages of very low paid carers in State-funded but privately-owned hospitals and in home care services compared with those who do the same work in public hospitals.

Policies to ensure that older people and those with disabilities receive care based on needs rather than dollars.

Ensuring that quality service delivery to the elderly is both protected and enhanced – in the face of constant cost increases and Government policy decisions that are not compensated for by adequate funding.

The Forum has been organised by the Residents’ Association at Kapiti Retirement Trust. The general public is invited to join in what is expected to be a very large turnout.


Elderly cartoon





(Cartoon by Tom Scott. Click on it to  enlarge.)