America First! Netherlands Second!

From this day forward it’s going to be only America first, America first. President Trump to a class of pre-schoolers, or so it seemed

Savouring the humour while we can

By Roger Childs

At some stage we are going to have to take the reality of President Trump seriously. However in the meantime let’s enjoy the cartoons and satire.

While America and the World wait with fear and trepidation as to what will unfold, one thing is certain, Trump is a cartoonist’s dream.

In the 25 April 2016 issue of the New Yorker, every cartoonist on the payroll did a Trump cartoon.  (One of them is featured as the Editor’s Pick on the right hand side.)

Thanks to the Dutch!

Now that the new president has given his inauguration address, the satire and funnies are coming thick and fast.

One that will be hard to top is from the Netherlands.