Kapiti Bores Galore

swater boreAdd vinegar to bore water for best results, says KCDC


The Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) says 100% of all water for Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati is now coming from its bores.

And it advises locals to add vinegar to the water to mitigate effects like window smearing or lime build-up in kettles.

It said today the Waikanae River is  flowing at 769 litres per second, almost down to the critical level of 750 litres ( when the Council cannot take any river water).

Water demand yesterday was only 17 million litres, the Council says, which is ‘low for the amount of dry weather we are having.’

Warning about effects

The KCDC warns that some of the effects of bore water are:

*   Jugs will get a build up of lime scale, but this can be removed by using a small amount of vinegar. Only boil as much water as you need and replace the water in the jug every time you use it.

*   Don’t wash your car or windows in direct sunlight as this will leave white marks on the glass. This can be removed with vinegar but generally the glass surfaces are large, so it’s better not to wash them in direct sunlight in the first place.

*   If you don’t like the taste of bore water, then use your emergency water supply for drinking if you have one and refill the containers with bore water until we are back on river water.

Tap water available in two places

Tap water is available from Otaki and Paekakariki for drinking at fluoride-free designated sites. Otaki: behind the Info Centre on SH1 & Paekakariki: outside 9 Beach Road (the main road through Paekak off SH1), just along from the community hall.


Water restrictions are still:



*   Stage 1 for Waikanae to Raumati – unattended hoses, sprinklers and garden watering systems can only be used between 7-9pm on even/odd numbered days for even/odd numbered houses. Hand-held hoses can be used anytime.



*   Stage 2 for Paekakariki – unattended hoses, sprinklers and garden watering systems are banned. Only hand-held hoses can be used at anytime.


Some rain is predicted for this week