Age Concern Kapiti Thanks The Community

Great support for the street appeal

By Age Concern Kapiti Chairperson, Roger Booth

A big thank you to the Kapiti community for the excellent response to our June 15 Street Appeal.  We collected more than any previous year, and on quite a cold day this was strong indication that our work in the community is both respected and appreciated.

Our visiting service, with a team of volunteer visitors, helps to alleviate social isolation and loneliness.

These problems have serious detrimental effects on the physical and mental health of our older community.  We have more senior citizens than most regions in the country, but as stated by lawyers for probate, numbers don’t solve this one.

Other aspects of our work

We also work on Health Promotion, with guest speakers and regular fitness classes.

We will continue to offer a free counselling service and advocacy on behalf of our clients, although the national funding that has backed our elder abuse work, which we have done very well for 20 years, has just been cut without any adequate explanation. 

This is especially hard to understand when our work has always been praised in Ministry reviews.  As no alternative is yet in place we will continue to help those needing this service as best we can.

We find that advocacy through elder and estate planning attorneys is often what is needed by senior citizens seeking our help.