Aesthetic Views Or Noise Reduction?

Expressway options?

By Roger Childs

The expressway looking south to the Raumati Road bridge. The Wharemauku Stream bridge is on the left.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has recently built elaborate, solid seats in places where people can rest and view the new wetlands and the expressway.

They have also laid plenty of green surface material on the cycleways/walkways where there are entrances and intersections.

One wonders about the spending priorities.

There is a crying need for money to be spent on noise reduction, so that Kapiti citizens can get a good night’s sleep, notably in the area between Raumati Road and the Wharemauku Stream.

Raumati realities

One of the wetlands under development.

Along much of the expressway, bunds were created and sound wall installed to lessen the traffic noise for residents. The bank constructed just north of the Wharemauku Stream is huge and no doubt deadens the sound for Midlands residents.

However, between the Stream and Raumati Road bridges where the expressway is elevated, there are no bunds or walls even though houses are only 100 to 200 metres from the passing traffic.

A resident living on the expressway side of Kiwi Road was told by a NZTA representative that this section was left open so that people could enjoy the aesthetic views!!!

Who were they thinking about – the drivers on the expressway and people walking, running and biking on the cycleways?

These people quickly pass by, so what about the permanent residents, especially at night?

Some progress 

One of the temporary signs!

Nick Fisher, who coordinates the local group battling with NZTA to get action on the noise problems, reports that the engine breaks issue is to be resolved.

NZTA have now committed to erecting ‘no engine braking signs’ by November; not sure why it takes another 2 months …

Many readers will recall that Nick’s group unofficially erected such signs near Polar Avenue in an hour or two last month.

However, one recent positive step from NZTA is that they have created a new email address: –

(If you would like to get on Nick’s email list contact him at