Action Against Rest Home Banning Visitors

Author Judith Holloway

Well-known author and campaigner Judith Holloway, of Levin, says she knows of rest homes that refuse to allow some visits to elderly patients.

And she is calling on the public to join her campaign to stop the abuse.
‘Unscrupulous or vicious families’
Judith says: “Many instances are emerging of unscrupulous or vicious family members who have been given ‘executive power of attorney’ (EPA) over an elderly person, then stopping them  from receiving visits from others, typically a partner or other family member.
“Management of certain rest homes are being coerced into going along with this and staff are apparently actually policing who can and cannot visit.”
She adds: “This is a pretty appalling way to treat someone who has been uprooted from his/her home and left to languish, often feeling abandoned and confused, in a so-called ‘rest home’.
“Anyone who is experiencing this terrible state of affairs, which I’m informed is probably illegal, can contact me (details below).
Govt. Inquiry sought
“I am compiling a dossier to send to the appropriate Government Minister and requesting an enquiry.
“In this first instance, there is no need to name names of the place or the people concerned, but to just ‘spill the beans’.
“Write using a pseudonym if you like. But be prepared, if an enquiry is undertaken, to use names openly and honestly.
“We must nip this vile practice in the bud. This is not the New Zealand I was brought up in.”
Write to:e: Judith Bryers Holloway, 46 Parker Ave, Levin 5510, or  send an email to: (Make sure you include your own contact details for me to get in touch with you.)
Judith Holloway
46 Parker Ave
Levin 5510.

My mother spent the last 12 months of her early existence in care. The staff were incredible and when we visited her the only time we couldn’t go straight to see her was if there was a procedure going on. This was as explained to protect her dignity and our embarrassment.
Walk a mile in the shoes of another before passing judgement.

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