A Right Royal Affair — by Waikanae School

Waikanae School’s 2019 production was a right royal affair.  

The popular biannual event is a highlight of the Waikanae School’s term calendar and an opportunity for students to show their performing skills before an appreciative audience of family and friends.

Despite the large size of the venue — Waikanae Memorial Hall — both evening shows sold out and tickets for the matinee performances were in hot demand.    

A culmination of weeks of practicing the shows featured a mix of dance, drama and several songs from popular family movies such as Aladdin and Madagascar, with each class contributed an item to the shows.   

In addition, the school band presented several songs from the 90’s.

The performers aged from 5 to 12 years old had to overcome nerves and remember all their lines and moves.

“It is exciting to perform on a stage in front of everyone” according to 12 year old student  Lily Beckman, while her friend Dilana McHattie admitted to feeling nervous and finding it hard to remember all the steps, in their class item. 

 The performances, costuming, lighting, sound and positive response from the audience and students all added up to make the show a success and laid a performance foundation for students with an interest in the performing arts. 

As the school has grown over the years, the logistics of presenting the performances have become more challenging.

This was resolved by having two separate shows, one by the Junior school and a second one for the Senior classes.

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