Locals Have Their Say In Planning The Future For Kāpiti

The Kāpiti Coast Council has been asking locals what they would like the Year ahead to bring for Kāpiti.

Kapiti Coast, Wellington Region

The ‘What matters most?’ consultationn is now closed, says the Council. But the formal consultation on the draft Long-term Plan 2021-41 will take place in April.   

The KCDC says “Last year we invited you to tell us what matters most to help inform the development of our draft Long-term Plan 2021-41.

“We received more than 400 responses which will be shared with Council ahead of finalising a draft Long-term Plan for consultation in April.
“Did you know that the Long-term Plan is the Council’s most important planning tool?

“It’s a big deal because it maps out all the activities and projects Council intends to do over the next 20 years. It has an impact on us all on the Kāpiti Coast, even our furry friends.”

Watch the video to learn more—

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