Police Say Too Many Drivers Over Limit In Major Road Stops

Police say too many people were over the alcohol limit when they checked well over a thousand vehicles in the Wellington area last night.

Police, the NZ Transport Agency, Wellington Free Ambulance, and Fire and Emergency combined for a special operation at Plimmerton and in Wellington to encourage road safety over summer.

‘Impairment focused’ operations

Police say these were ‘impairment focused’ operations and about 1227 vehicles were stopped over two hours. 

Acting Superintendent Amelia Steel, National Road Policing Manager, says when people are driving their cars they need to take on board the responsibility that goes with it.

“That means giving driving their full attention, driving to the conditions, and not driving drunk, after taking drugs, or when tired.

“It was great that the vast majority of people we stopped and talked to last night were doing everything right and driving safely.

“A lot of people were happy to see us standing together as organisations to remind them of the seriousness of driving a car or riding a bike.

“Unfortunately we still stopped too many people who were over the breath alcohol limit, three of whom registered over 400mg.

“These people need to rethink their travel, they don’t care about themselves or others, that’s not okay,” says Acting Superintendent Steel.

NZ Transport Agency General Manager Safety, Health and Environment Greg Lazzaro says it was great to be a part of the operation and see first-hand what Police do to help keep people safe on the road.

“It’s important we support our road safety partners and work together.

Sharing road safety messages

“Part of that is being visible alongside each other on operations like last night, and sharing road safety messages.

“We all want the same outcome; for people to be safe on the road.”

Acting Superintendent Steel says if everybody acted responsibly every time they got in a car we would stop losing people on the road.

“It’s simple; wear your seatbelt, don’t go too fast for the conditions, put your phone away, and drive sober and alert.”

There were also six tickets issued for other road safety offences such as not wearing a seatbelt, which can be a lifesaver in a crash.

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