KCDC Work Update

Councillor  Jack Says Most Work on Track

May 23.2010

A report on progress on Kāpiti Coast District Council’s major infrastructure projects with budgets of more than $250,000 to March 31 shows most projects on schedule and on budget, says Councillor Tony Jack,

“Apart from the Western Link projects — which are now all on hold and others affected by either the proposed Expressway route or changes in NZTA funding criteria — we’re mostly on time and on budget,” said Cr Jack, who chairs the Corporate/Business Committee.

He says work on the Paraparaumu/Raumati Esplanade roading upgrade is proceeding although the cycleway proposals are on hold because of changes in NZTA funding criteria.

Work on improvements to the breakwater along Marine Parade and Wharemauku Road is proceeding as is work on options and designs for the replacement of the Parade seawall at Paekakariki.

He says that by the end of March about 35 kilometres of road had been resurfaced as a result of the annual road resealing and resurfacing project, and by the end of June around three kilometres of footpath will have been replaced, some with concrete and some with asphalt.

The Paraparaumu Beach Town Centre enhancement project is completed apart from some minor additional works.

Otaki Main Street Upgrade

The Otaki Main Street upgrade, a two year project which provides for new footpaths, car parking, street furniture and gardens, road crossings and stormwater upgrades, is on budget.

New toilets are proposed for Te Ati Awa Park and Waikanae Equestrian Park.  Discussions are on-going with the Te Ati Awa Management Committee about including toilets in the main building or adding them to a proposed Exeloo block.

In Waikanae, the contract has been let for new toilets with work due for completion by the end of June.

Raumati Stormwater Upgrade

The Matatua Road Bridge was completed and opened in September 2009, while the tenders for work on the Raumati CBD stormwater upgrade are expected to be let in July/August of 2010.

Developing flood hazard maps for the Mazengarb catchment is under way.

Gravel extraction from the Waikakoariki Stream in Paekakariki is on hold due to legal action.

Construction of the building at the Waste Water Treatment Plant to house the more energy efficient wood burner boiler (which will be used for sludge drying), is well under way.

The burner itself is due to arrive from Austria in June 2010.  Once completed and in operation, considerable energy savings are expected over the current diesel fired dryer.

There are also plans to replace some wastewater pipelines in Waikanae.

Of four Water Management projects, three are subject to slight delays.  Renewal work on the Waikanae Water Treatment Plant is delayed while decisions are made on the new water supply which could affect treatment methods.

The Otaki Reservoir and Ultra Violet treatment process is a three year project.  There have been some design delays with the Milne Drive to Kiwi Road pipeline.

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