Prostate issues 3: A survivor’s amazing story

My mind and body are calm and tranquil; the disease has been cured, and now I can sleep in peace. Tan Nan Shaant

Graham Clouston back from the brink

By Roger Childs

Graham was diagnosed with a terminal case of prostate cancer in July 2016. His PSA score was 444 – just about off the scale. The prognosis was that the cancer was not curable with medication or surgery. The clinicians suggested that the best option was palliative care.

His reaction was I didn’t like what I had got. It was time for some changes.

Today – November 2019 – Graham enjoys very good health and his PSA is down to a minuscule 0.48. Back in March he walked 45.2km in the local Relay for Life and the following month he ceased all medication. Then in early September his oncologist declared that he was now in Clinical Remission.

Graham Clouston

My adherence to Mind Body Medicine (and acceptance of conventional medicine) has been key in turning around the mid 2016 diagnosis of terminal metastatic prostate cancer. 

It’s been quite a journey.

Discovering Ian Gawler

Soon after learning about his terminal diagnosis he heard about Ian Gawler and his Cancer Foundation. Ian was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1975 and had a leg amputated. He was expected to die, but did not. He recovered on the basis of a healing diet, meditation, exercise and spiritual connection. His “radical remission” has also been experienced by many other people and Ian Gawler wrote a book about how he and others have conquered cancer.

Graham read the book – You Can Conquer Cancer – and in November 2016 went to a Mind, Body and Cancer Retreat in Wanaka facilitated by Ruth and Ian Gawler. This experience  convinced him that subject to a radical lifestyle change I was going to live.

In January 2017 Graham decided to undertake chemotherapy, as thousands have done before him. He had 18 weeks treatment involving Docetoxal and at a later stage had hormone therapy  – Androgen Depressive Therapy (ADT).

Meanwhile he embraced the Gawler Regime, and in November 2017 went with his partner Anne to a Cancer and Beyond retreat at the Gawler Cancer Centre in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne.

The Gawler regime

This was the basis for Graham making major lifestyle changes. These have been

  • elimination of a lot of stress
  • giving up his job
  • changing to a plant-based vegan diet plus supplements
  • meditating at least one and a half hours a day
  • going to yoga classes twice a week and having a session most days at home
  • getting other exercise – walking and gym work.

Ian Gawler has seen many people go from terminal diagnoses to radical remission and improved life expectancy. They report that their recovery, like Graham’s, has come from diet changes, meditation, group support, exercise and spiritual connection.

Ian and Ruth Gawler

The late 2019 scene

I enjoy very good health; I am fortunate and I am very grateful.

Graham is his early 70s and has come out the other side. He no longer has hormone treatment or medication and is currently in clinical remission. He intends to keep it that way – My business plan is not complete until I am 93 years old and I intend to be here to see it thorough.

 In his home town of New Plymouth he is involved with a group of men who have had prostate cancer and are working through the recovery process. He provides sessions for them on his experience and the importance of meditation, positivity, exercise and spiritual beliefs.

(My thanks to Graham for sharing his experience with me and for most of the detail provided above. In later articles we will look in depth at aspects of the Gawler approach such as a healing diet, meditation, targeted exercise and positivity.)

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