Stop the Luggate Drop!

Carol Sawyer says there are no TB-infected animals to justify aerial 1080 Luggate drop near Wanaka … except for the famous 2012 ferret again!

A single TB case!

Historic bridge n the Luggate area

The 1080 poison was due to be dropped around Luggate on the 19th July.

OSPRI’s response regarding the proposed drop, received July 17, to an OIA request by Alan Galletly on 22 June, 2018 reinforces the conclusion that there s no case for proceeding. (See the Q & A below.)

It hasn’t happened yet because the weather hasn’t been good enough.

OSPRI’s findings:

  • 260 possums tested – NONE with TB
  • 130 ferrets tested ONE with TB in 2012
  • 6 feral pigs tested – NONE with TB

Ferreting out the truth

The lower slopes of Mt Roy, Wanaka, on the left

When Mt Roy, Wanaka, was due to be aerially 1080-poisoned, in early 2015, one of the justifications for it, which I received via OIA request, was that same ferret found at Luggate, 20 km away, in 2012.

Isn’t this ferret story getting a bit old and musty by now?

Mt Roy never happened. The Alice Burn East drop at Luggate should not be happening either!

This drop is 1 km from the nearest homes in Luggate Village and the baits will be going directly into the Alice Burn and Luggate Creek, which flows through Luggate Village and through the Luggate Campground. Only one short section has a 50 metre buffer zone – the section owned by Criffel Water Ltd.

The prevailing winds will carry the dust from the steep country behind, onto Luggate itself.

Buffer zones?

Even with GPS, a helicopter pilot who has formerly dropped 1080 poison himself, tells me a buffer zone has to be at least 200 metres to guarantee not getting baits outside the drop zone.

He said they always had a 250 metre buffer zone to be safe.

We saw what happened at Makarora with a 20 metre buffer zone around the Makarora and Wilkin Rivers – baits went into the water!!


Alan Galletly’s OIA request and OSPRI responses

As OSPRI failed dismally to address the public concerns at this event I require the following information.

Question: How close to the drop zone is the nearest infected herd?

Answer: Adjacent to the aerial control


Q :What monitoring of possums has been done in the drop zone? If so when was this done?

A: None


Not guilty!

Q : Have possums been caught in the drop zone. If so when

A: Yes: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016


Q: Were any possums tested for TB from the drop zone? What number were tested for TB? What was the results of those tests?

A: Yes: 260 tested , 0 positive for TB


Q: Have any ferrets been caught in the drop zone ? If so when.

A: Yes: 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018


Q: Were any ferrets tested for TB from the drop zone? What number were tested for TB? What was the results of those tests?

A: Yes: 130: 1 positive for TB (2012)


Q: Have any feral pigs been caught in the drop zone? If so when?

A: Yes: 2014 and 2015


Q: Were any feral pigs tested for TB from the drop zone? What number of feral pigs were tested for TB? What were the results of those tests?

A: Yes; 6 tested; 0 positive for TB


Q: What percentage of the drop zone is Department Of Conservation estate. What is the total hectares of DOC estate in the drop zone if any?

A: Out of total consented area of 1,973 hectares:

  • 292 ha DOC
  • 1,681 ha private land



Spending taxpayers money to solve a non-existent problem – bovine TB

What is the total OSPRI budget for the Luggate aerial drop and is it expected to exceed that budget?

A: The Alice Burn East Aerial is not expected to exceed the budgeted amount of $194,640


Q: How close to the drop zone is the nearest infected herd?

A: Adjacent to the aerial control

Q: Finally I must remind you of your obligation to consult with the local community. To date you have failed dismally and the behaviour of OSPRI staff at the Wanaka event can best be described as childish and completely unacceptable for such an government appointed organization. You are obliged to address public concerns and you have failed to do so to date. I ask when are you going to do this in a public forum?

A: OSPRI considers that all statutory obligations for the operations concerned have been met. No further public forum is planned

There seems to be no logic to the continued poisoning of our wildlife and domestic animals with this inhumane noxious substance which most other countries have banned the use of. Our operators don’t even adhere to the recommendations for it’s use.
It is just a money making exercise at the expense of our health and somehow it has to end.

Please please pursue this for the sake of our land and for our future generations they don’t deserve to inherit silent bush


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