Confusion over Waterfall Road

Waterfall Road is currently closed due to the high possibility of a slip occurring. KCDC website, Tuesday, May 8 2018

Rural road closed but open!

By Roger Childs

The slip area in 2014

Confused?  The Kapiti Council (KCDC) website says the road is closed, but in fact it opened at the weekend and I drove down it yesterday.

It had been closed for months because of a problematic slip on the north-western side which has been a major issue for a number of years.

Group Manager Infrastructure Services Sean Mallon was pleased to announce that contractors to have completed the job of clearing the slip ahead of schedule.

The road at Mackays Crossing and the bottom of Maungakotukutuku Road had to be closed due to the risk of slope destabilisation and for public safety.

Residents in the area have been patiently waiting while we carried out these important works and our crews have worked hard to come in ahead of the June end date we’d originally put in place.

Still a worry

Looking down the slip in 2018 (KCDC photo)

Waterfall Road runs through faulted country and local farmer, Mike Alexander, is convinced that the problems are not over.

About five years ago some trees were cut down above the vulnerable area and that exposed the slope to erosion. Not surprisingly there was a massive slips in  2014 and 2015 after severe storms.

Over the years the on-going work has cost in excess of $2 million: a cost shared by KCDC and NZTA.

The recent work has according to Mr Mallon involved moving an estimated 9,500m3, which is roughly what it would take to fill around six main-sized pools at our Aquatic Centre.

The narrow, winding road doesn’t usually carry much traffic, however it is the only alternative route to Paraparaumu if the State Highway is out of action. So, keeping it open is important.


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