Julie’s Sonnet of the Month

Discard and enjoy!

 By Julie Leibrich

Sometimes the most oppressive thoughts disappear if we can only somehow let go of them.

Then, suddenly, we are swept up in the love for life!





Just when we think that winter is forever,

spring comes hurtling in around the bend.

Just when we think that love will not recover,

something gives. We see love has no end.


Trapped inside a matrix of the mind

we cannot see the prism of our heart,

afraid that strangers sometimes seem too kind

or friendship will become an alien art.


At sea, we’re drowning in our coldest fear.

It can’t be named but goes deep to the core.

Somehow, without a breath, we gulp down air.

Without a stroke, we’re standing on the shore.


Just when we think the world will not survive,

the dove returns. We’re suddenly alive.


Julie Leibrich