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  1. Which American president features in the musical Little Orphan Annie? (Franklin Roosevelt)


  1. What does the word serendipitous mean? (fortuitous)


  1. What is the most common gas in the atmosphere? (nitrogen)


  1. Who won the recent Men’s Tennis Finals in London: Nadal, Federer or Dimitrov? (Dimitrov)


  1. Trees can communicate with each other through fungus growing from their roots. True or false? (true)


  1. What is the English name for the name for the Whio? (Blue Duck)


  1. The St Lawrence Seaway runs between which two countries? (The United States and Canada)


  1. Which city in New Zealand has a suburb called Totara Park? (Upper Hutt)


  1. Name the Maori tribe which was given the island of Taputeranga by former Minister of Treaty Settlements, Chris Finlayson? (Ngati Toa)


  1. Which New Zealand city recently elected a woman mayor? (Hastings)