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I think there’s a HUGE article to be researched and written about the drugging up into zombie state of the elderly in the hospital wings dealing with dementia patients.
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The stuff below is a rushed couplet of a poem and a media release from Rob McCann.
Use it in any way you see fit, monsieur.
X Judith H
The Other Guy
‘There is a Guy –
Not Fawkes…but who?
I can’t recall…
Help me, please, can you?
He’s a country boy.
He wears a grin
To show he’s rather kindly,
Deep inside his skin.
Farmer he is, born and bred.
As he knows from days of old,
Owning land and houses
Is what gathers in the gold.
‘Hey, there’s no property “crisis”, mate!
Buying up is super fun.
A “boom” is what this means to me;
I myself own twenty-one.’
 Judith Bryers Holloway
There is no housing crisis, just a housing boom – Nathan Guy

Labour candidate Rob McCann says he was shocked and disappointed when
current Otaki MP Nathan Guy told a packed public meeting, hosted by the
Otaki Rotary Club on Thursday, that there wasn’t a housing crisis, it was a
housing boom.

“I was astounded, so were the audience and the other candidates,” says Mr

“It was such a clear demonstration of how out of touch Mr Guy has become. To
call the crisis a housing boom is insensitive at best and downright
misleading at worst. We have the lowest rate of home ownership in 60 years,
out of control house prices and rocketing rents. There are very few
affordable houses being built, and the rate of building is not keeping up
with record immigration numbers. This is putting extreme pressures on
families, and no amount of talking about roads will fix this issue.”

Mr McCann had earlier produced a large photo of Andrew, a five day old baby,
brought home to a flat that was not safe for a young child to live in.

“I was invited by Andrew’s mum to look at the flat which had doors missing,
structural holes in the walls and no insulation. The most disturbing room
was the bathroom, where the ceiling was covered in black mould and caving
in, a hole had opened up next to the extractor fan and the wires were

“You couldn’t clean it, because the whole ceiling might come down and you
can’t avoid it because it’s the bathroom. The mother approached the rental
agency, and while their expert agreed it was serious, the landlord refused
to fix it.

“The rental agency suggested the mother bath her baby in the kitchen sink.
This same situation is happening right throughout the country.”

Public records show Mr Guy owns at least 21 properties, by far the most of
any Member of Parliament.

“Rather than build houses the government were selling state houses and
putting families up in motels. This was costing taxpayers over a million
dollars a week.

“The good news is Labour does have a plan and our party leader Jacinda
Ardern has just announced a raft of policies to get the crisis under control
and restore hope to those who have been neglected for the last nine years,”
says Mr McCann.