The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 82 Answers


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  1. What is a group of owls called? (a parliament)


  1. Who wrote the A Journal of the Plague Year? (Daniel Defoe)


  1. What do nimbostratus and cumulonimbus clouds have in common? (they bring rain)


  1. Who wrote the song with the opening line I am a lineman for the county? (Glenn Campbell)


  1. Andreas Reischek, who lived for 12 years in New Zealand in the late 19th century was a naturalist, explorer, museum collector or all of these? (all of these)


  1. Trees in jungles can have up a thousand plants growing on them. True or false? (true)


  1. Which electorate does Jacinda Ardern represent? (Mt Albert)


  1. Who is the head Coach of the Crusaders rugby team? (Scott Robertson)


  1. What is a CHOGM? (A Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting)


  1. What does the Latin phrase sine qua non mean? (an essential requirement)