1080 Drop Planned Behind Waikanae

Readers will be aware that KIN has taken a strong line against the continuing use of 1080 poison on our land. However, the story below is important local news, so we publish it to inform Kapiti readers on what is going to be happening in the hills behind Waikanae. Comments are welcome.

Targeting TB spreading possums

By Rob Cross, Kapiti Coast District Council Biodiversity Officer

The main target

Though the aerial 1080 operation planned to cover native bush behind Waikanae will target possums to control the spread of Bovine TB, it will also significantly benefit native flora and fauna.

Large areas will be covered that have never had effective pest animal control before.

These areas have been ravaged by possums, stoats and rats for decades, and have served as pest animal reservoirs feeding pests into areas where pests have been controlled, such as Hemi Matenga Reserve.

Research spells out the benefits

Extensive research has shown that aerial 1080 operations of this type boost native bird populations and biodiversity overall, which is why they are strongly supported by the independent Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Jan Wright.

I urge anyone who has reservations about the strategic use of 1080 to read Jan Wright’s excellent and authoritative 2011 report, available at http://www.pce.parliament.nz/media/1294/evaluating-the-use-of-1080.pdf

There is to be an information session about the 1080 drop at the Reikorangi Hall this evening: Thursday 3 August.  Drop in at any time between 4-7 pm.

The fact sheet for the operation can be found at https://www.ospri.co.nz/Portals/1/Documents/Factsheets/AERIAL%20FACTSHEET%20-%20Kapakapanui.pdf


Rob Cross, Kapiti Coast District Council Biodiversity Officer.
Please read the material suggested by the previous commentators. You could add to it other published material in the Kapiti Independent or visit Social media sites like Facebook’s 1080 eyewitness and NO to 1080 use in New Zealand for the real truth about Aerial Poison’s in New Zealand.
You are part of a monstrous ecological and conservation fraud which authorities in New Zealand are desperately trying to hide with a trumped up propaganda campaign which you regurgitate above.

Iv’e asked dozens of professional trappers about BOVINE tb in possums and all say the same thing they have never seen it except for one area sometime ago where 2 were caught right amongst one of the few remaining cattle herds that still had Bovine tb. Several species of animals can catch it from infected cattle including humans from unpasteurised milk. It was a very real health issue years ago until they pasteurised milk then no more. It is ( was ) infected cattle that give and spread the disease nothing else but Ospri and others doggedly perpetuate the myth that it is possums for there own monetary gain and support. Lies beget lies and Ospri have been doing it for years and seem to be unwilling or unable to stop.

theres been about 10 possums ive plucked at the back of waikanee that have weeping saws all over there bodys not to bad so far out of about 200

Just a small addition to Lloyd Hanson’s comment. There has never been an established epidemiological link showing transmission of disease from possum to cattle, and what is more, Minister Nathan Guy in response to an OIA on 25th June 2015 admitted the work had never been done. His words were:- “the scientific uncertainties associated with determining the source of infection at the individual animal level and the resource required to do so mean that it is not considered an efficient use of time and resources to routinely make such a determination.”- they just don’t want to do it! Further, OSPRI’s own figures show the level of TB in possum is negligible to non-existent. But “fake” bovine Tb does maintain a multi million dollar scam using farmer levies and taxpayer funds to continue the destruction of New Zealand’s native fauna and flora.
Bill Benfield.

Kapiti Councillors are so far out of touch with the reality of 1080 that their ignorance is showing them up! Few Possums if any carry btb and in rare cases can catch BOVINE tb from infected cattle!
The poor old possum is the biggest money maker Ospri, Tb Free, District Councils, DoC has ever demonized. NZ is tb free and the old suckers in the form of NZ Farmers and the taxpayer are being sucked dry of their last dollar to fund a lifestyle!

Fully agree with Tony Orman.
The science used to keep up this genocide using 1080 is flawed to say the least. The Govt and all its cronies bend the rules and science to keep this farcical project “Predator free by 2050” going.
If every NZ er found the time to sit and watch the Graf boys documentaries showing the real results after 1080 drops the game would be up for the Govt’s use of 1080.
The real results show complete ecosystem destruction.
The birds, insects, and all wildlife is inhumanely killed. Leaving nothing but ghostly silent forests. Not a birdsong is heard after these drops.
Why we allow DOC to kill what they are supposed to be protecting is absurd. Why we are the last country in the world using this banned poison is absurd. Why we allow this poison onto our land and into our water is absurd.
Why the general public dont take the time to read between the lines, hear the real science and hear what this poison can do to humans at even the lowest levels is absurd.
Wake up NZ

Sorry Rob, of Kapiti Council, you’ve got it wrong. NZ has been Tb free for 10 years. You see the international standard is 0.1% for cattle at slaughter. NZ is currently at 0.0019% way below the 0.1% standard. Two years 9800 possums were autopsied- none had Tb. Minister Primary Industries Nathan Guy (your MP?) admitted 9830 possums were tested for Tb-none had Tb. Zero!
Frankly OSPRI is wasting public money and with 1080 will cause ecological damage which Kapiti Council should not be condoning. 1080 is an ecosystem poison. It was developed as an insecticide but was found to kill anything and everything that ingests it. It still kills insects and invertebrates, birds, animals etc.,
Unfortunately it upsets the food chain in favour of fast breeding species like rats. Landcare vResearch showed surviving rats multiply without the food competition and explode in numbers to 3 to 4 times original numbers. Stoats preying on rats similarly increase greatly with the food supply increased. So OSPRI will simply be stimulating population explosions in rats and stoats. The research is there. Read it. Tell your councillors. Additional reading is conservationist William Benfield’s books “The Third Wave” and “At War with Nature” which detail – plus more the science I’ve mentioned.
Kapiti Council in the public interest, should be challenging OSPORI’s unjustified and ecological damaging 1080 drop–so should DoC but they actually give it their blessing! ——- Tony Orman