1080 – Buses and Books

How can you reveal the truth if those to whom you are speaking do not want to hear? Journalist David Walsh

Seen on the back of a bus

By Roger Childs

This time it’s the honey bus! (To see the kea bus, scroll down to November 9)

Sadly, under pressure from the pro-poisoners these revelations of the truth are no longer featuring.

If you feel strongly about the truth getting out on 1080, ring the bus company on 0800 801 700 to show your support for the signs.

Excellent books on 1080

There are two very impressive books on the subject which are well worth reading. These are not polemical rants from out of control activists, but well argued, thoroughly researched, scientifically based expositions.

The first is The Third Wave Poisoning the Land by environmentalist, Bill Benfield which was printed by Tross Publishing in 2011. Basically he tracks three phases in the devastating of much of the New Zealand environment and the transformation of the ecosystem.

  • The colonisation of Polynesian people, who destroyed huge areas of forests and browsing birds such as the moa, and eagles, ducks and wren. They also brought the rat.
  • The Europeans who continued to clear forest and introduced many exotic animals, plants, pests and weeds.
  • The third wave, which continues today, was the desire to try and recreate the environment that was lost. This involved attempts to eliminate so-called pests and weeds, and from the 1950s saw the increased use of 1080 poison.

The Quiet Forest: The Case Against Aerial 1080

This voyage of discovery into 1080 poisoning in New Zealand has just come out. The author is Fiona M F McQueen, and is also published by Tross. She knew little about the topic when she first contacted scientist Jo Pollard.

She has had a distinguished medical career and is a keen tramper. Initially she found it astounding that the Department of Conservation could be leading the charge on 1080, but the more she delved into the issue, the more she became convinced that the country was the victim of a huge eco-crime backed by vested interests.

To quote the back of the book This environmental crime, backed by powerful forces and carefully contrived propaganda, is exposed in this thought-provoking book which should make every reader uneasy at this wholesale and unnecessary massacre of living things in the bush …

(KIN will review The Quiet Forest next month. It is available from Paper Plus and other good book shops.)